Discover the heart of Seattle's music scene with "Seattle's Sound, Then and Now" podcast. Join host Owen Wright, renowned lead guitarist of "My Sister's Machine" and "Mistrust," as he takes you on a nostalgic journey through the city's iconic musical legacy.

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In each episode, Owen sits down with influential musicians and artists who shaped Seattle's music scene. From Kim Virant, the unforgettable voice of "Lazy Susan" and her currently performing self-titled band, to Nick Pollock, former lead singer of "My Sister's Machine" and frontman of "The National Guard," and Tommy "Gunn" McMullin, the blazing guitarist from "Slaughter House 5" and "War Babies," hear untold stories and cherished memories.

Immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of Seattle's music scene, where grunge was born. Experience the pulsating energy of the city's industrial streets as Owen and his guests share their enduring friendships and the impact of their craft.

Tune in to "Seattle's Sound, Then and Now" and embark on a captivating journey through the legendary sound of Seattle. Let the stories and melodies transport you to an era that defined a musical generation.

Seattle's Sound, Then and Now podcast is hosted by Lead Guitarist Owen Wright of My Sister's Machine/Mistrust and produced by David Yama and J.P. Lamb. 

The podcast explores Seattle's music scene from the early 80s through the mid-90s as well as the scene today.